About Us

Alex Zeese, Co-Host The Hog Sty, Producer, “Web Master”

A native Washingtonian, my earliest memory is sitting on a futon with my dad watching Riggo pound a ball up the middle of the line, by my guess, I was 18 months old or so. I’m the technical expert of the team, the audio editor, the webmaster, so if something goes wrong I’m the one to blame. And yes I did drunkly buy the McNabb t-shirt in my photo at one point, mostly to rag on my friends who are Eagles fans, man did that backfire. I’ve been trying to give it away for like 3 years now, but no one will take it.

Chris “lARry” Lawrence, Co-Host It’s Just Buisness

Chris is  a lifelong Skins fan who lives in Brooklyn NY. Along with being a big mucky muck in the tech world, he’s also a known snappy dresser and beard enthusiast.

Richard Rogers, Blog Writer, Co-Host It’s Just Buisness 

Rich was born and raised in the Petworth neighborhood of Washington D.C.. attending St. Anthony’s Catholic School and DeMatha Catholic High School. At age 16, Rich moved to Philadelphia, but never lost his love for the hometown Redskins. After high school, Rich attended and graduated from Lincoln University (PA) with a degree in Political Science. He later earned a Masters Degree in Teaching.  He began a career in D.C. as fifth grade teacher, and eventually worked his way up to Principal, a position he held for 11 years. Rich love his family, children, Redskins and hip hop music, in that order.  In his spare time, he enjoys blogging and writing about the Redskins.  His favorite Redskins of all time is Dave Butz.
Ryan Reed, Co-Host All-32

What’s good world! My name is Ryan Reed, born in raised in PG County, MD. Just like many of my colleagues here on the HogSty Network, i was born into a family full of die hard Redskins fans. But for some odd reason, that Burgundy and Gold just didn’t quite register in my blood.

Instead, what came pouring out of my veins was those colors in Two-Toned blue, repping the Tennessee Titans. The common question I get is “Why???”. My reply is simply, you can’t help who you love. Been a die hard fan since back in ’99-00 during the reign of Steve McNair and Eddie George.

Nonetheless, I love the game of football and could talk and analyze the game all day from all aspects. Like I’ve stated earlier, I have a family full of Redskins fans and a ton of friends who love them as well. So it’s always good to see the Home team winning. But at the end of the day, it’s always and forever, #TitanUp.

Jamual Forrest, Co-Host The Hog Sty, Host All-32, Blog Writer

What’s up! I’m Jamual, 23 years old born and raised DC/MD area and a huge Skins fan. Grew up in a house of Redskins fans and thank the Lord every day I didn’t grow up a rebel like my sister because Dallas fans? Man, smh. More about me though growing up I played sports year round, baseball, basketball, and football so this is who I am. Heading into my final undergrad semester at Morgan St (Spring 2017) as a business administration major, and am just glad to have made it through making me the first male in my family to graduate college.

Chrons disease robbed me of a collegiate career in football, and high school for that matter, but the results following has made me even better. Medicine allowed me to get back to sports on a regular basis for a few years now, and apparently I’ve made a pretty decent name for myself writing on the Redskins ha-ha. Happy to contribute here and hope you enjoy what our work!
Follow me on twitter: @_AyyMall

Montel Ijeomah, Co-Host All 32
What’s going on! I’m Montel Ijeomah, and I’m a lifelong football and Redskins fan. I grew up here in the Prince Georges County, Maryland area where I attended Flowers High School from 2008-2011. At the time, Flowers was considered a powerhouse in football, making the playoffs yearly but always falling short of a state championship. I would say I made my mark at Flowers by leaving the school as the last 1000 yard rusher, at least to my knowledge. But Flowers also left me with a lot of knowledge about the game that I thought could be beneficial for others. Thus you have the name “The Knowledge Dropper”. I enjoy the structured arguments amongst friends and hopefully you all will as well. If you are a skins fan like me I know it’s been a bumpy road, but HTTR!
Nick Snead, Co-Host All 32

Pressure can burst pipes or it can create a diamond. On April 26,1993 a diamond was created. A native of the beloved DMV area Nicholas Snead grew up playing multiple sports. His career ended on the collegiate level as he walked on to the Morgan State University football team. After leaving the team, his love for sports brought him to the administration side as he began working in the athletics department. He graduated with a bachelors in Business Administration. (Fall 2015)

As a child Nicks father told him to reach for the stars and came down with a love for the Cowboys. Nick has been rocking with the Cowboys through thick and thin. From the end of Emmitts career to Quincy Carter experiment to Tony Romos run to the bright future of the young guns. They are my boys to the end. You’ll hear about the “Dak Attack and Zeke Express” for years to come.

How ironic that he ended up working with a bunch of NFC east rivals and a titan fan! Nonetheless he loves working with the ALL-32 crew and having the ability to do something that he loves.
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Sean Conte, Host The Hog Sty, Blog Editor/Writer

My name’s Sean, and I’ve been a Washingtonian since my birth 27 years ago. Like a phoenix from the ashes, my Redskins fandom arose for no good reason over the last decade of shattered dreams and losing records. That’s proof that I’m not a bandwagon jumper, which makes me a better person than 98% of Steelers and Seahawks fans. I never played organized football, but I did take 3rd place in my fantasy league in 2012, which netted me a cool 200 bucks. I used that money to buy tickets to the first NFL playoff game at FedEx field in over 10 years. In retrospect, I should have just bought that bacon-cooking alarm clock.
When I’m not blabbing about the Redskins, I’m probably playing video games, talking about Star Wars, or doing some other activity that repels women. HTTR!

Steve Thomas, Co-Host The Hog Sty, Blog Editor/Writer

My love of the Redskins began at age 4 when my father was lucky enough to get season tickets toward the tail end of the Billy Kilmer era of the team’s history. My first Redskins hero in those days was Hall of Famer Chris Hanburger. I lived through the “golden era” of the 1980s and early ‘90s, and was fortunate enough to attend the famous 1983 NFC Championship game against Dallas, which I still consider to be my favorite Redskins memory. Since those days, despite having left the DC area to move all around the world over the years, I have kept up my love for the team from afar and spend my free time analyzing the business and legal aspects of NFL football for The Hog Sty.

Thomas Lawrence, Co-Host All 32
Sup Guys. My name is Thomas Lawrence and I have lived up the street from the Washington Redskins for my entire 24 years of existence. I played Quarterback for Charles Herbert Flowers back in my younger days leading the way to a county championship and numerous sold out stadiums. I started watching the NFL when the Greatest Show on Turf really sparked my interest and pushed me to get in depth with the game. Somehow someway I became an Eagles fan and idolized Donovan McNabb during the stretch of NFC east domination. Now I’m working to get a closer look into the game through my lens to see just how the Redskins have managed to sweep my eagles this past year. You can catch me sometimes featured on the All-32 podcast sharing priceless knowledge on hot topics especially when we talk about division rivals and other hot topics. Stay tuned.

(Former Member) Robbie

Like my Twitter bio says: ” I’m a renaissance man of sorts. Former D1 college athlete, avid voice impersonator, aspiring voice actor, singer, movie buff, hardcore gamer, and passionate Redskins fan.” I should also mention that I speak fluent Movie Quotes.
I was born into a family that thrives on competition and anything sports related. I attribute most of that to my grandfather, Bobby Hoffman. He was a Hall of Fame basketball player for Old Dominion University and I was lucky enough to follow in his footsteps as a student-athlete at ODU as well. I walked on to the the brand new start-up football program as an offensive lineman. After red-shirting my freshman year, I earned myself a full scholarship and started all 4 years. Needless to say I’m proud of my accomplishments. Because of them, I’ve taken my experience and knowledge I’ve gained, added that with my passion for the Washington Redskins, and found these crazy guys to do a podcast with. Be sure to follow me on Twitter (@DeadeyeDunkan)! We can talk Redskins, video games, movies, TV, you name it!

(Former Member) Kelly

Born in Charlottesville, VA and raised in Falls Church, I’ve been a football junkie ever since I can remember. My mother used to tell me the story of her learning that I could read when I wandered into the living room with the Washington Post sports section in my hand and informed my parents that George Allen had been fired. As one of the older members of the Hog Sty team, I have very fond memories of the 80s dynasty, and cling to hope for a return to glory.

I’m a 20-year veteran of the online video game industry, getting my start producing Grandstand Fantasy Football at America Online in 1996. I’m currently based in Southern California, enjoy playing guitar, eating chicken wings, lobbying for the NFL to make live out-of-market games available to people who can’t get satellite reception, and wake up at the crack of dawn to contribute to the Hog Sty podcasts.

(Former Member) Adam

Hey I’m Adam, 23 years old and I was born in Bethesda, Maryland. My dad was a marine so I moved around a lot growing up. We moved to Virginia when I was in middle school and that’s when I started watching pro football and, subsequently, my love for The Washington Redskins was born. I played high school football in Fredericksburg, VA and later accepted a scholarship to play offensive line for Virginia Tech. I love sports, Netflix and my dogs. HTTR”