Exclusive Interview with WR Robert Davis

By Jamual Forrest

July 29, 2017

The Hog Sty had an exclusive interview with rookie wide receiver Robert Davis after the afternoon practice of day 3 of training camp.  Davis is clearly still getting acclimated to life in the NFL, but has learned quite a bit in a short period of time.

When asked how his first few practices have been, he replied, “It’s been good, just trying to learn on the fly right now it’s a lot of information, especially for a rookie coming from a smaller school, but I feel like I been able to process a lot of it now I just got to work on being a little bit more patient and I’ll be alright.”

Davis spoke about the more physical defensive backs on the roster, noting in particular that he and third year corner Quinton Dunbar have had a good camp battle to this point: “Yeah I feel like it’s a good match-up for me. One, he’s another long, tall, guy who’s about my size just someone who can get their hands on me at the line makes me have to work a lot harder than against a smaller defensive back that I can man handle. So, I really appreciate them giving me the opportunity to go against him to make me better.”

Speaking about his growth as a player from draft day until the present, Davis stated, “I would rate it average right now, it’s a lot for me to learn coming from a smaller school and not a really broad playbook like that but I definitely feel like if I keep studying my plays, and keep coming out here and working hard, that I’ll eventually get it.”

Robert is one of the rookie fan favorites, and many are pulling for him to make the roster. In the three days that I’ve been here, he’s shown flashes as to why they drafted him, while obviously still showing that he’s a rookie and has to learn more of the game after the ball is snapped. We’ll see how things turn out as camp continues.