Rick’s “Rant”

By Richard Rogers

It’s the dog days of summer while we wait for the franchise defining decision on a Kirk Cousins long term deal.  Training camp is just around the corner, so I wanted to take some time to get a few things off my chest…

The Supreme Court and the “Redskins” Name decision

“Redskins” it is! Two weeks ago the Supreme Court of the United States handed down a decision that basically says the government has no business in the business of team names and trademarks. This was a monumental decision for Dan Snyder who defiantly stated that the team name “Redskins” would not change, and told us that we could put that in capital letters. Does Dan Snyder have a “happy dance”?  If it looks something like that thing he called a dance at the Green Bay game in 2016, I don’t wanna see it.

The fact is, I don’t know what to think about this. To be fair the Redskins have never represented the team mascot in a negative manner. The Redskins don’t have that grinning Indian caricature like the Cleveland Indians, or tens of thousands of non-Native American fans doing a stupid tomahawk chop and played out chant like they have in Kansas City. But I’m no better. I think the name is insensitive, but have always maintained that it’s not universally found to be offensive among Native Americans, so I gave myself a pass. I might even think like Snyder, but the only thing that keeps me from really going all in on the name is the man who named the team. George Preston Marshall was an admitted segregationist who repeatedly humiliated Bobby Mitchell. So I can’t say for sure if the intent of the team mascot was to “honor Native Americans”.

Anyway, it looks like the name is here to stay.  If the team continues to trend upward, this will be even more in the rear-view mirror of fans who once cared.

NFL Hall Of Fame Game

Another Hall of Fame game will be played in just over a month and Joe Jacoby will not walk out at halftime in a gold jacket.  A three time, Super Bowl winning, Pro Bowl, left tackle will not be there, and don’t even get me started on Brian Mitchell.  Yeah, I know, every team has “a guy” who should be in. But this is shameful.  He shouldn’t even have to wait for the “Senior Committee” or, God forbid, after he’s dead.

Matt Jones’ Agent

Matt Jones recently fired his agent claiming he received “bad advice”.  You think? The thing is, it could be too late for Matt Jones to make nice with a new agent. You fumbled the Lions game away dude, and you hold out of OTAs and make a public request for a trade? Peace out homie (unless someone else gets hurt).

Jay Gruden’s Power Ranking

Jay Gruden was recently ranked the 21st best coach in the NFL. I’m not appalled by this, but I ain’t happy either. To me, Gruden is an up and coming coach who seemingly has found his way.  He’s posted back to back winning seasons, the first coach to do that in over two decades. As the talent improves, the team improves, thus Gruden’s winning percentage will improve.  I said I’m not appalled, but I’ve got to say that Adam Gase is not a better coach than Jay Gruden. As a matter of fact, I don’t think Mike Zimmer or even Jason, “My Boss Coaches My Team” Garrett is better than Jay Gruden, but, we’ll see.

Well, that’s it for now. Rant over. I feel much better now.